26) Visit the Beach at Midnight and Stick Around for the Sunrise

Having grown up across the street from the ocean, and having lived at sea or by the sea for years, I’ve always enjoyed the sound of the waves lapping onto the sand, or raking across the small pebbles that are sometimes found along the shoreline.

That pleasant, peaceful sound was what I had in mind when I created the goal of spending the night on the beach to be there and ready for the early sunrise the next morning. While I did experience that, I also heard a Thai bartender chatting with a young German girl well into the wee hours of the morning, including his attempts to woo her with his falsetto voice and questionable lyrics to a song he seemingly made up.

I began the night laying in a hammock, slowly rocking back and forth, getting lulled to sleep by the sounds of the sea and the palm trees gently rustling in the breeze. Then the wind picked up and it seemed a rain storm was nigh. Awaking to this, I realized that my poor right ear was awkwardly smashed into the hammock, my right arm was shooting pins and needles from having fallen asleep, and I was entirely too uncomfortable in general to even lay there, let alone sleep.

I moved to the ground and laid on cushions and immediately knew it was a better decision. However, an hour or so after I had fallen peacefully asleep, I was awoken by the loud chatter of the wooer and the not-so-much-wanting-to-be wooed–though she did hang out with him for an inordinate amount of time, considering her apathy towards his numerous advances.

Luckily I was too exhausted to focus on them for too long and I next woke up at 5:50, ten minutes before my alarm was due to sound, and twenty minutes before the sun was going to rise.

I turned off my alarm and got up. A man ran by near the shoreline, and another man tended to a boat that was tied up to the beach, but other than that the morning was quiet. Light pinks and oranges began to inject themselves into the early gray sky, and soon the sun was up and the resident rooster was crowing. It was a wonderful way to start the day, even though I promptly went back to sleep for a few hours after snapping a few photos of the sunrise.

Ah, what I didn't sleep much to witness...

Ah, what I didn’t sleep much to witness…


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