24) Surf a Wave

When I wrote the goal nearly a year ago to surf a wave and stand up for at least one second, I had in mind hanging ten on a massive wave a la Kelly Slater, arguably one of the best surfers of all time. Okay, so maybe I didn’t think I’d reach his level, but I still thought it would be that kind of surfing.

Well, nearly a year later, and still having not completed the goal, and having left the perfect surf waves of Southern California for the calmer seas of Thailand, I still wanted to try to accomplish it. I realized I had merely written “surf a wave,” but I had not specified exactly what kind of surfing, so, in my creativity—and, okay, way of finding loopholes—I went windsurfing!

I had planned to take lessons at a resort, as advertised online, but upon arrival I was informed that no lessons would be given, just the gear would be rented out. The man in charge of the equipment was kind enough to give a brief instruction on the basics.

The wind was calm, just enough to get going, which made learning easier, though I definitely want to go out again in stronger winds so I can go faster! The learning curve wasn’t as steep as I had anticipated, and after a few tries, I was able to stand up and ride all the way into shore. I did, however, fall a few times every time I started again, but that was part of the fun, and funniness, of the experience!

Getting my feet set on the board...

Getting my feet set on the board…

Getting into position and pulling up the sail...

Getting into position and pulling up the sail…

Woo hoo! Up and surfing!

Whoops! Going down, down, down…


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