Oh, the Places I’ve Been

Traveling has always been one of my biggest passions. As I mentioned in Why 30×30, I want to explore as much of the world as possible, touch every corner of the earth, and squeeze as many adventures into this lifetime as I can. There are way too many countries I want to visit to make any kind of Top Ten list of dream destinations, so I decided to simply create a list of the countries I’ve been fortunate enough to have already visited. To spice the list up just a tad, I’ve added a few words or phrases that come to mind based on my experiences in each country. I hope to add to this list as much and as often as possible!

1) United States: Home. National Parks. Road trips. Amusement parks. Football.

US Map


Purple = reside(d)
Blue = overnight stay/done an activity
Orange = driven through/layover.


2) Mexico: Alaskan winter reprieve. The Giggling Marlin. Making tortillas. Nearly drowning.

3) Canada: Bison in the road. Helpful locals. RV parks. Most intense blizzard ever.

4) Australia: Vibrant reef. Sky diving. Sun burns. Outback train ride. New Year’s wine.




5) Thailand: $6 massages. Crazy tuk-tuk rides. Being a mahout for the day (bathing, feeding and bareback-riding elephants). Countless Wats. Delicious pad Thai on the street.




6) Jamaica: Snow-white beaches. Peter the croc. Rum punch. Horseback ride in the sea.

7) France: Eiffel Tower climb. Radiant stained glass windows. Inappropriate market fruit.

8) Curacao: Colorful houses. Curacao. Sobering slavery museum. Dancing with locals.



9) South Africa: The Big Five. Table Mountain abseil. Cage-ramming great white sharks. Game Park camping. Biltong, cheese, chocolate and wine.


10) Costa Rica: Jungle ziplining. Tyrolean-traversing sloth. Rainbow-colored toucan.

11) Grand Turks and Caicos: Speedy sand crabs. Wild horses. Adventure biking.

12) Puerto Rico: Hiking El Yunque. Cats. Refreshing waterfalls. Running Old San Juan.

13) Swaziland: Friendly children. Cave camping. Lax border security. Biking with zebras.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

14) Bahamas: Jet skiing. Beach walks. Snorkeling. Lunch with chickens.

15) Aruba: Wreck SCUBA dive. Bath temperature turquoise water.

16) British Virgin Islands: Waterfront running. Iguanas. Warm sand. Corona in the sea.




17) Italy: Pompeii ruins. Venetian Canal swim. Archaeological Museum. Pizza. Rohm roamin’ Rome.


18) Spain:
 Sangria. Jamboree. Three best friends biking. Las Ramblas market.

19) Monaco: Opulence. Yacht-filled harbor. Park bench nap. Palace guard change.

20) Portugal: Eating caracois (snails). Heel clicks in the street. Prosciutto and cheese.

21) Greece: Donkey rides. Island scootering. Gyros. Acropolis. Olympia track running.IMG_2565

22) Croatia: Castle wall walk. Floating in the salty Adriatic. Kayaking NDE. Tower climb.

23) Turkey: Spice Market. Hookah. Tear gas riots. Dancing all night. Ephesus ruins.

24) Montenegro: Running the castle wall steps. Medieval old town. Stunning landscape.



25) Colombia: Paragliding. Beachside hammock camping. Caving. Jungle Trekking. Hiking to 16,000 feet in the Andes.


2 thoughts on “Oh, the Places I’ve Been

    • Oh, wow, that’s a tough question! I want to say that everywhere I’ve been has been unique and awesome (save for one country that just hasn’t done anything for me…yet), and that it’s ridiculously hard to tell you my favorite. However, that’s a boring cop-out. So, in my list-loving fashion, I’ll give you my top five (but in no particular order b/c that would just be too hard):

      1) Greece (fantastic history/ruins, great food and generous people)
      2) Australia (outdoorsy, lots of activities and fun, laid-back people)
      3) Thailand (delicious food, beautiful country and dirt cheap)
      4) South Africa (unbeatable animal encounters and really adventurous)
      5) USA (tremendous diversity–in food, cultures, topography, activities)

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